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Coldstat Refrigeration's Plumbing Services

A large portion of commercial refrigeration projects involve plumbing and electrical systems. Our plumbing and electrical divisions are experienced at working with existing units and with installing new equipment.

AC and refrigeration require drainage for diverting the coil condensation which forms during the refrigeration process. For this reason, the AC or refrigeration unit utilizes existing plumbing or requires piping.

Coldstat Refrigeration's Electrical Services

Electricity is an obvious component of AC and refrigeration, but either connecting to existing systems or installing new capacity systems requires an experienced professional – one who is knowledgeable in wiring for AC and refrigeration.

Coldstat's team of plumbers and electricians has the expertise to ensure a smooth and effective integration of all necessary systems in any refrigeration project.

For more information on Coldstat Refrigeration's plumbing and electrical division, ice machine leasing or any commercial refrigeration equipment, please call us at 201-599-1200 or email us at Info@Coldstat.com.