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Coldstat installs, maintains and repairs Beer Caves and refrigerated displays.

Many refrigerated units or components are made for very specific functions within certain industries. Some of these different types include:

Beer Caves

Beer caves are great for customers in that they offer a bright, clean-looking display of all choices in one consolidated spot within the store. They are also ideal for store owners because they add valuable refrigerated storage and with nearly all the beer inventory displayed at once, time spent restocking shelves is minimized. Because a large amount of stock is displayed at one time, it is all consistently the same temperature and customers will come to expect that they will find what they need quickly and know it will be cold. Beer caves are custom designed and installed to meet specific space requirements for each individual location.

Kegerators & Beer Towers

Both a 'keg' and a 'refrigerator', a commercial Keggerators are used in bars to both dispense beer and keep it at is proper temperature. Also known as beer boxes, it is a direct-draw system that extends the life of the beer and maintains its original taste and carbonation level. Available in many styles, beer towers can vary as to number of faucets and how the beer is cooled.

Beer Tower/Line Cooling Systems

Used in systems where the tower is located close to the refrigeration unit, Air-Cooled Towers maintain beer line temperatures from the keg to the faucet. Glycol-Cooled Towers maintain beer temperature over a longer distance by using independent coolant lines to circulate refrigerated glycol in lines placed in between the beer lines. Glycol lines can run up to 500 feet in 'long-draw' systems. Coldstat is an accredited service provider for handling refrigerated beer towers and lines and diagnosing issues in existing lines. Because keeping beer systems clean is the key to a good draw, we provide a preventative maintenance program that will keep systems running properly.

Glass, Mug & Plate Chillers & Frosters

Commercial chillers and frosters enable bars, pubs, taverns and restaurants to keep frosty glass mugs and chilled dessert plates available for immediate use. These refrigeration units allow desserts and beverages to keep their temperature, can frost dry glasses and plates quickly and demonstrate a desire to address every slightest detail.

Energy efficient models feature automatic preset defrost cycles and auto shut-off when the desired temperature is reached. Units with taller cabinets accommodate larger mugs and steins. Also, stainless steel countertops offer a convenient workspace.

Roll-in service storage units for large-scale food service at catering halls and care centers.

Roll-In Commercial Coolers & Freezers

These are used primarily for large-scale foodservice venues in order to serve a large amount of food at one time. Food trays slide into the rack; the casters allow the rack to be rolled up the ramp and into the commercial refrigerator or freezer. They are also commonly used at hospitals or care centers where food is transferred from the main kitchen to a secondary one where it is heating and served.

Pan-Slide Coolers & Freezers

Like the roll-in and roll-through models, store items on individual shelves to facilitate large-scale dining service. Rather than have entire racks roll directly into one or both ends of the unit, pan-slide coolers and freezers have the tray sliding guides built right in so individual trays can be slid into place within the unit, not necessarily an entire rack. Glass doors are also available on pan-slide units for easy inventory of stock. Models in which the trays pass through either end are available as are half-door models.

Coldstat provides and services specialty cooler and freezer units.

The Fish Files

It's like a refrigerated filing cabinet that's built…"to scale". It's an upright unit with drawers that hold the seafood and crushed ice. Because it occupies a smaller amount of floor space than typical fish cases, it's popular with seafood restaurants and sushi bars.

Milk Coolers

These specialized units are designed to keep milk at its proper storage temperature, even after a refrigerator door is left open.

For more information on such beverage refrigeration components as Kegerators, beer caves, glycol/beer lines, beer boxes, bottle coolers, glass/mug & bottle chillers, LED Lighting, ice machine leasing or any commercial refrigeration equipment, please call us at 201-599-1200 or email us at Info@Coldstat.com.