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Coldstat supplies and maintains refrigerated beverage display cases and walk-ins

Aside from keeping your inventory cold, space utilization and convenience are important factors in developing your ideal refrigeration system. Coldstat has the know-how to recommend the right equipment for your individual needs. We can also supply dispensers, back bar equipment, countertop merchandisers and more.

Locations that serve alcohol without the space for a walk-in cooler do not have to compromise efficiency. Coldstat can model custom systems to produce the output you need with the most effective use of your space. We also offer low-output mode options for periods of reduced activity to help reduce energy costs.

For outdoor beverage machines, your Coldstat representative has the experience of dealing with all elements in all types of facilities and varying conditions.

Coldstat supplies and maintains refrigerated beer boxes and beer lines

Types of Liquor & Beverage Refrigeration Equipment include:

Beverage Refrigeration Equipment

  • Display Walk-In Coolers & Freezers
  • Countertop Display
  • Counter Merchandiser
  • Self-Contained Display
  • Under-Counter Refrigeration
  • Back Bar & Glass Back Bar
  • Horizontal Bottle
  • Long-Door Display
  • Mini Walk-In
  • Combination Walk-In Storage/Display


  • Beer - Club-Top, Direct-Draw
  • Beer Taps
  • Beverage Dispensers
  • Ice Cubers, Flakers & Dispensers

Other Products

  • Glass & Plate Chillers & Frosters
  • Counter Merchandiser
  • Counter-High Display

For more information on retail store refrigeration, ice machine leasing or any commercial refrigeration equipment, please call us at 201-599-1200 or email us at Info@Coldstat.com.