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Commercial ice-making machines and ice bins

For over four decades, Coldstat has been supplying area medical facilities, restaurants and bars, hotels and stores with reliable ice machines and merchandisers. We supply and service a wide range of commercial ice machines and bins to produce varying amounts of ice.

Employing the right machine is critical. If a machine is producing ice continuously throughout the day, every day, without stopping, it's too small for the job. This becomes a major energy draw and puts undo stress on the unit. A machine that is too big for the job also wastes resources by overproducing.

Ice making machines can be set atop an ice bin where ice collects and is stored for use whenever needed, such as in hallway machines at hotels and lodgings or busy food and beverage locations. They can also be placed on top of self-serve beverage dispensers, connected directly into the dispenser at self-serve beverage counters.

Under-counter ice machines are ideal when ice is needed within easy access, such as at a drink counter or bar. Units that allow reach-in access from the top conserve space that is otherwise taken up by front-swinging doors. Lodgings often have hallway ice machines that make and store ice for use as needed. Grocery and convenience stores find that on-site production machines can yield a surprisingly high margin.

Ice makers are available for sale or lease

Air-Cooled vs. Water-Cooled Ice Machines

Ice is produced in ice making machines by removing the heat from water and creating enough cold to form ice. In an air-cooled machine, that 'removed heat' is released into the room and can affect the temperature. Although they use less water and are priced less than their water-cooled counterparts, the additional heat is often not desirable in an already hot kitchen.

The more expensive water-cooled units transfer the heat outside the building, so air-conditioning costs are not affected. This allows them to run quieter and cooler, but they're an added draw on water and therefore considered not very energy efficient.

Remote Air-Cooled

Ice machines with remote air-cooled condensers also transfer heat outside of the building so like water-cooled, they do not increase air-conditioning loads or water usage. There are one-time installation fees for running lines to a remote location.

Types of Ice Machines include:

Ice Products

  • Commercial & Industrial Ice Machines
  • Compact Ice Machines
  • Ice Storage & Ice Storage Machines
  • Coolers & Bins
  • Indoor/Outdoor Ice Merchandiser
  • Ice Cubers, Flakers & Dispensers
  • Portable Ice Machines

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