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Refrigerated display coolers for cut flowers and delicate products

Floral Refrigeration Equipment

Being delicate and sensitive to ambient fluctuations, flowers require floral refrigeration equipment with very specific temperature, humidity and even air-flow settings. For example, cut flowers prefer high humidity for optimal hydration, promoting a longer shelf life. Therefore, a system that draws less moisture out of the air can increase product shelf life. Additionally, refrigerated floral display units with controlled lighting can help prevent oxidization and discoloration.

Coldstat can ensure your refrigerated floral display equipment is the right fit for your specific needs. And with our ability to help with custom-design displays and a wide variety of options will help get your display noticed.

Types of Floral Refrigeration Equipment include:

Display Coolers

  • Large & Small Self-Contained
  • Wide-Door & Long-Door
  • Geometric Front
  • New York-Style
  • Walk-in Storage


  • Long-Door
  • Storage


  • Floral Vending Machines

Furrier Vault Refrigeration Equipment

Keeping the temperature and humidity at the proper levels for delicate furs, throughout the warmer months, requires precise refrigeration equipment. Only a refrigerated storage vault can maintain the optimal temperature needed for proper fur storage, over long periods of time – not an air-conditioned room.

Because it's biological material, a fur breaks down over time. Keeping it in cold storage and only using it in cold weather only slows the process. Freezing and thawing would be too harsh for the material, while very low humidity can dry it out and high humidity can destroy it.

Maintaining a temperature close to freezing without actually freezing the fur, in moderate humidity, without fluctuation, is the goal. This not only requires proper equipment, but also an experienced furrier refrigeration equipment installation and maintenance provider. With over 40 years in the industry, Coldstat has experience in all applications of commercial refrigeration.

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