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Upright store and restaurant storage coolers and freezers

Cold Rooms & Freezer Rooms

Coldstat Refrigeration has over 40 years experience building refrigeration solutions for such cold- and frozen-storage facilities as individual cold storage rooms, multiple cold storage room facilities, rooms with multiple temperature zones and large warehouse cold storage centers. As a result, our ability to install, regulate and service these cold storage facilities is unparalleled in the region.

Coldstat supplies new and used cooler and freezer bulk storage products for a wide range of industries including: food storage & distribution, dairy & produce, airline & hospitality foodservice, chemical products, and seafood, meat and poultry processing, among others. Most companies requiring this type of storage facility are wholesale food factories or distributors that supply local restaurants, grocery stores, catering trucks, bakeries and other eateries.

Coldstat is a certified expert installer of cold room refrigeration systems but also excels in diagnosis and problem-resolution with all refrigeration system issues, to get your facility up and running quickly.

Blast Chillers & Freezers

Blast Chillers & Blast Freezers rapidly cool or freeze food, using blasts of cold air to quickly chill its contents. Also known as cook-chill systems, they work quickly enough, even, to prevent the buildup of any bacteria that can occur when foods are cooled slowly. Additionally, hot foods placed in a standard cooler can raise the temperature of other foods inside the unit – over and over throughout the production day. Blast coolers also eliminate this unwanted safety risk.

Blast cooling or blast freezing allows meals to be precooked, eliminating the need to oversee an entire food run at every serving. "Blasting" also preserves the moisture, appearance and flavor or pre-cooked foods. Meals from the refrigerator or freezer save time, especially when catering to a banquet or large affair.

Types of Blast Freezers to handle Hard & Soft Chilling & Freezing include:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Walk-In
  • Combination Walk-In Storage/Display
  • Step-In
  • Drive-In
  • Mini Walk-In

Upright Solid-Door Coolers & Freezers

Large-scale food storage and warehousing

Upright commercial refrigerators and freezers with solid doors are more energy efficient than glass-door display cases and can provide bulk storage right along the cook line for optimal availability and convenience.

Dual-temperature combination units enhance the efficiency and production of commercial kitchens and most often feature a refrigeration unit in one side and a freezing unit or heating cabinet in the other.

The larger the unit, the more doors it has. The most common solid-door, reach-in freezer is a one-door unit with two-door units also used extensively. The most common solid-door, reach-in refrigerator is a two-door unit with one-door units used about half as much. The average capacity of a one-door unit is 24 cubic feet and the average capacity of a two-door unit is 48 cubic feet.

Coldstat always considers energy and cost saving methods for our customers.

There are three official U.S. energy efficiency designations:

  • California Energy Commission's minimum regulatory standard
  • ENERGY STAR®'s voluntary specification
  • CEE's voluntary specification

For more information on cold room storage, commercial blast freezers or coolers, upright refrigerators, ice machine leasing or any commercial refrigeration equipment, please call us at 201-599-1200 or email us at Info@Coldstat.com.