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Coolers and freezers for medical and scientific lab uses

Medical & Pharmaceutical Refrigeration Equipment

Refrigeration plays a critical role in medicine. These units are heavily relied in the medical community for allowing certain drugs and vaccines to retain medicinal properties and for the storage of blood, blood platelets, plasma, stem cells, organs and appendages.

Medical refrigerators and freezers are specially designed for the storage of perishable drugs and vaccines and feature pharmaceutical-grade doors that preserve temperature and sterility. A medical refrigeration unit can be as small as a portable transport compartment or large as in a custom-fitted walk-in room.

Modular panels allow the larger units to be easily customized for most locations; space-saving, weatherproofed outdoor units are also available.

Units also may include:

  • Independent Temperature Compartments
  • Adjustable Shelving
  • Remote Temperature Monitors
  • Glass-Door Displays

Because of the importance placed on these units, they include such safety features:

  • Independent refrigeration systems
  • Electronic temperature recorders
  • Full redundancy of critical features

Scientific & Laboratory Refrigeration

Medical-grade walk-in coolers and freezers

When storing samples or certain types of medical evidence, reliable equipment that is properly installed and maintained can be crucial in achieving desired results. With little room for error, it's critical to entrust your lab work refrigeration installation project, or its maintenance and repair, with reliable, certified experts.

Coldstat Refrigeration is the factory-authorized provider of such medicinal cold storage systems as blood bank temperature-controlled storage units, mortuary chambers, chillers and freezers, plasma deep-freeze storage (blast freezers), pharmacy freezers and ward refrigerators.

We can provide a full assortment of built-in under-counter units, chest and upright freezers, low-temperature freezers and compact units – available with such safety features as locking mechanisms, temperature alarms and data recorders.

Integrating the right refrigeration equipment is essential and selecting the right installation and maintenance provider is an equally important consideration. Coldstat is a preferred vendor to pharmaceutical companies, labs, hospitals, clinics, blood centers and other medical storage facilities. We also install and service medical-grade water and ice dispensers as well as ice flakers, crushers and storage containers for a diverse group of medical centers.

For more information on medical, laboratory, hospital and pharmaceutical refrigeration, medical-grade water and ice dispensers, ice machine leasing or any commercial refrigeration equipment, please call us at 201-599-1200 or email us at Info@Coldstat.com.