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Walk-in display coolers and freezers

Used in a variety of industries, indoor and outdoor walk-in coolers and freezer units or 'boxes' keep large quantities of foods, beverages and other perishables at their desired temperatures. The right storage facility is extremely valuable to businesses such as restaurants, medical facilities, florists, liquor stores and other industries. Conversely, the wrong unit for the job, or one improperly installed, will eventually have a negative effect.

At Coldstat, customers are not just 'buying a box.' Our customers also benefit from four decades of experience in resolving refrigeration issues for all types of businesses. We are the preferred supplier for a wide range of walk-in manufacturers which ensures the right unit at the right price. Plus, we have the expertise to select the right system for the job with professional installation and piping, maintenance and repair technicians on constant call. Coldstat's commercial refrigeration technicians are fully qualified and factory trained to help you with all your existing walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer equipment.

Depending on the specific size, the required temperature settings and the product(s) being stored, we can help determine if certain features would increase efficiency and cost-savings, such as:

  • Temperature-reducing strip curtains vs. an auto-close door for max. energy efficiency
  • Coolers and freezers with floors or without floors
  • Remote, side-mount or top-mount temperature controls
  • Entrance ramps to simplify loading and unloading
  • Master Controller automatic evaporator coil defrost
Indoor and outdoor walk-in storage units

Coldstat can build custom-designed walk-ins to fit the insulated panels to most any area. We will also remove existing walk-in units and perform scheduled preventive maintenance for the longevity of the walk-in box and the cooling unit.

Types of Walk-In Coolers & Freezers:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Walk-Ins
  • Combination Cooler/Freezers
  • Combination Storage/Display Walk-Ins
  • Step-In Coolers & Step-In Freezers
  • Drive-In Coolers & Drive-In Freezers
  • Mini Walk-In Coolers & Mini Walk-In Freezers
  • Sliding-Door Coolers & Freezers

For more information on walk-in cooler & freezer units, commercial blast freezers or coolers, upright refrigerators, ice machine leasing or any commercial refrigeration equipment, please call us at 201-599-1200 or email us at Info@Coldstat.com.